Francesco Paolo Conteduca

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Welcome to my webpage

I am an economist at the Bank of Italy (World trade and emerging market economies division).

My current research interests are international trade and industrial organization with a focus on the determinants of multinational production. I also work on the relation between Covid-19 and the economic activity.

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3. Reasoning on Company Takeovers: From Tactic to Strategy
(joint with Luigi Bellomarini, Lorenzo Bencivelli, Claudia Biancotti, Livia Blasi, Andrea Gentili, Rosario Laurendi, Davide Magnanimi, Michele Savini Zangrandi, Flavia Tonelli, Stefano Ceri, Davide Benedetto, Markus Nissl, and Emanuel Sallinger).
Data & Knowledge Engineering, 141, 102073 (2022)

2. An epidemic model for SARS-COV-2 with self-adaptive containment measures
(joint with Sabina Marchetti, Alessandro Borin, Giuseppe Ilardi, Giorgio Guzzetta, Piero Poletti, Antonino Bella, Paola Stefanelli, Flavia Riccardo, Stefano Merler, Andrea Brandolini, Silvio Brusaferro).
PLOS One, vol. 17(7), e0272009 (2022)
Replication package

1. A new dataset for local and national COVID-19-related restrictions in Italy (joint with Alessandro Borin).
The Italian Economic Journal, vol. 8(2), pp. 435 – 470 (2022)

Working papers

The real-time impact of the war on Russian imports: a synthetic control method approach
(joint with Alessandro Borin and Michele Mancini)
VoxEU column

Trade Decoupling from Russia
(joint with Alessandro Borin, Enrica Di Stefano, Vanessa Gunnella, Michele Mancini, and Ludovic Panon)
under revision (previously circulated as Quantitative Assessment of the Economic Impact of the Trade Disruptions Following the Russian Invasion of Ukraine)

The Structure of Multinational Firms under Demand Risk
(joint with Ekaterina Kazakova).

Serving Abroad: Export, M&A, and Greenfield Investment
(joint with Ekaterina Kazakova).

FDI Policy and Firm Performance: Evidence from India
(joint with Ekaterina Kazakova).

Mobility and Consumption Choices during the COVID-19 Pandemic
previous version available as Banca d’Italia Covid-19 Note
(joint with Ines Buono).

Forecasting Italian GDP growth with epidemiological data
(joint with Valentina Aprigliano, Alessandro Borin, Simone Emiliozzi, Marco Flaccadoro, Sabina Marchetti, and Stefania Villa)

Policy papers
Measuring COVID-19 Restrictions in Italy During the Second Wave
Fighting COVID-19: measuring the restrictiveness of government policies
(joint with Michele Mancini, Luca Rossi, and Flavia Tonelli)
Aggiornamento sull'evoluzione della pandemia COVID-19 (in Italian, Update on the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic)
(joint with Alessandro Borin, Giuseppe Ilardi, Michele Mancini, and Luca Rossi)
Work in process
Natural Disasters and Global Sourcing: New Evidence from Firm-to-Firm Transactions
(joint with Alessandro Borin, Andrea Linarello, and Ludovic Panon)
Competitive Experimentation with Heterogeneous Learning Modes
(joint with Niccolò Lomys).
Directed Consumer Search with Informative Advertising.


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